Get Started with Social Media Marketing – 4 Essential Tips.

In this video, Neil Patel give you the four essential things you need to get started with Social Media Marketing.  There are so many options with Social Media that the choices to get started can be overwhelming.  Undoubtedly FACEBOOK is the 500 pound gorilla for marketing to targeted audiences in the consumer market.  You can get our FREE DVD with a complete beginner course in Facebook Marketing by clicking here.

Choosing the right network to concentrate on for your target market and building up a firm footing of marketing effort on that one platform before progressing to others is key to success in social media marketing.

Facebook allows you to accurately target the exact audience that will be interested in your specific offer – and most importantly – track your results and retarget the people who show interest.  The Free Facebook Mareting Playbook shows you exactly how to do that.

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Save time and boost your Instagram marketing with Quick Replies for Direct Messages.

Save time and boost your Instagram marketing with Quick Replies for Direct Messages.

Are you using Instagram Direct Messages to communicate with your audience? Looking for an easy way to provide quick replies to common questions via Direct Messages?

In this article, from Social Media Examiner, you’ll discover how to create multiple Instagram quick replies to your Instagram Direct Messages.

If you receive direct messages to your Instagram account you’ll find it extremely helpful and efficient to use the new “Quick Replies” feature.

These Quick Replies aren’t automated responses like a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. You’ll still need to access and read the messages sent to you and then select quick replies from your list of responses to send.

You can, however, save huge quantities of time once you have set up replies to these, “frequently asked questions”.

Outline FAQs and Compose Answers for Instagram Quick Replies

To get started with your first set of quick replies, look through previous message threads in your account to find commonly asked questions. Copy one of your existing answers or draft a new response that properly answers those questions or topics.

Common topics often relate to your business hours, your prices or rates, tutorials on your products, or the best way to order something or confirm a reservation with you.

For detail on how to set up, edit and manage instagram Quick Replies, see the full article at Social Media Examiner.

How to Use Instagram Quick Replies for Direct Messages